2. Noh-Try

You can experience Noh !

Do you think of Noh-plays as strained, old-fashioned or hard even to have a try?
But, as a proverb goes, where there is a will, there is a way to Oshima Noh.
And ask, the information shall be given to you.
Will you let us know your requests by e-mail?

Examples of Learning through Noh-experience

Pupils:eight students of Maui High School in Hawaii, USA

Time:about two hours
Place: Kita-ryu Oshima Noh-gaku do
Lecturers: OSHIMA Kinue, OSHIMA Fumie
  1. a talk about Noh at Kashinokibana
    masks, video, the three elements of Noh
    (Utai, Hayashi, Mai)
  2. looking around the Noh stage
    from the auditorium, dokucho on the stage
  3. experiencing Hayashi at the dressing room
    (ko-tuzumi and Fue)
  4. performing utai on the stage
    one phrase from "Shoujou", with the Japanese
    kimono on

Pupils:ten students of YMCA High School in Hannover,Germany

Time:about two hours
Place:Kita-ryu Oshima Noh-gaku do
Lecturers:OSHIMA Kinue, OSHIMA Fumie
  1. looking around the Noh stage
  2. appreciating Shimai, Ko-tuzumi, and Utai
  3. experiencing the instrument

An Invitation to the Practice

Won't you try Youkyoku or Shimai?

We have two forms of practice: Person-to-person (P) or in a group (G).

FUKUYAMA CITY (our building)
twice or three times per month
according to your plan, mostly (P)
actual scene
twice a month (Wednesdays)
KOUCHI-CHO (Hiroshima Prefecture Human Rights Center)
twice per month (Thursdays)
Instructors:instructors:Masanobu & Kinue
Okayama(Gallery Gross)
once per month (irregularly)
Instructors:instructors:Masanobu & Kinue
Tottori(Community Center)
every other month
Matsue(Mr.Kadowaki's Residence)
every other month
Tsunashiki-Tenman-Gu(Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City)
Once per month
Istructor:Masanobu or Teruhisa
Tokyo(Chiyoda Ward, Ochanomizu Lesson Site)
Twice per month
Tokyo(Chiyoda Ward, Ochanomizu Lesson Site)
Once per month
 The required time of one lesson in the form of (P) will be about an hour;
the monthly tuition of (P) would be \5,000 to \15,000.
Call us at any time you've made up your mind!

Practice Q and A

I'm very interested in Noh, but I have no idea what to start with. Can I visit you and have a look?
Do come to us and feel a touch of it, for it's our pleasure to talk and introduce anything about Noh-gaku to the beginners.
I cannot sit up straight (fold my legs under myself).
You don't have to. You can practice sitting on the chair.
Do I have to wear the Japanese kimono when we practice?
No, you don't have to. Utai or Shimai is allowed to be practiced in the western clothes.