2. Oshima Noh Theater/facilities

Oshima Noh Theater/facilities

Noh stage
Noh stage
  • address

    2-2-2 Kounan-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture

    ℡/Fax 084-923-2633

    Email osimano@orange.ocn.ne.jp


  • structure

    a three-story building of reinforced concrete.

    ・the first floor - a training room, a cafeteria, the office

    ・the second floor - the Noh stage, the auditorium, a dressing room

    ・the third floor - a dressing room, the auditorium

  • designer

    KONISHI Takehiko, architecture engineer of cultural property

  • constructor

    Tokyo Yasuda Construction Company

  • open

    September 24, 1971.

  • stage

    All made of hinoki, which grows only in Japan. is

    The main stage 5.47 meters wide by 5.47 meters long.

  • kagami-ita

    painted by SONOGI Tosen (living in Fukuyama)

  • capacity

    340 - 265 fixed seats, 11 tatami seats, and 64occasional chairs.

The Oshima Noh Stage built in 1914 by OSHIMA Hisataro (1871 - 1929), the second successor, was burnt down in 1945. OSHIMA Hisami the third, however, devoted himself to developing and prevailing the Noh-gaku and he reconstructed the Noh Stage at the present place of Kounan-cho in 1948. In 1958, he began to hold the four-time-a-year regular performance ( Noh-gaku Class ) with the explanations of each program, which was unique at that time.
In 1971, the Noh stage was renovated to an authentic one. In 1997, the part of the auditorium was fully renovated.
A private stage like ours is uncommon even nowadays.
In 2003, the first floor was remodeled and the exhibit saloon "Kashinokibana" was added in where a cafeteria used to be.

The Training Room

The Training Room_Stage
The Training Room_Stage-s
The Training Room_tatami
The Training Room_tatami-s
scenes of the trainings

on the first floor of Oshima Noh Theater Builiding
"Kagami-ita" (the panel at the back of the stage) was brought from the old Oshima Stage, which had been constructed just after the second world war. The pine tree painting was by FUJII Shozan.

The exhibit saloon "Kashinokibana"

  • kashinokibana2
  • kashinokibana3
  • kashinokibana4
  • kashinokibana5

This is the workshop space where the materials on Noh-gaku are exhibited,with the visual equipment.

The exhibit saloon "Kashinokibana" is on the first floor of our building.
The area where this building now exists used to be called so from the Edo to the Meiji and the Taisho Era.
We have brought this old name to life, resolving to polish and familiarize the traditional art Noh-gaku here.

Free Space "Den"


We have remodeled a room on the first floor of Kita-ryu Oshima Noh Theater Building into a free space, which is available for an individual exhibit, a group exhibit, a culture class, an exhibition and sale, a class reunion, or a mini concert and so on. Please do not hesitate to use this space as you like.

The Charge

  • one whole day


  • two hours


  • additional one hour



  • A hot-water-supply machine, a refrigerator, a kitchen sink are in this space.
  • The furnishings in this space are available.
  • Noh-gaku Do has no persons to help you display or guard your exhibitions.
  • Putting pins on the wall is not allowed. Scotch tapes are recommended.